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Komosevina is located on the top of the hill arching over the town of Budva. The plot is located just above the main road that stretches throughout the coast of Montenegro. Budva is located 10 kilometers from the Tivat Airport and one hour of drive from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The unquestionable value of this location lies in its favorable orientation, exceptional view of the sea and the Old town of Budva, rich vegetation, peaceful and quiet atmosphere, direct connection to the main road and possible exclusivity.


The complex is projected to be independently controlled, with all basic requirements for a modern, touristic center. It is planned to lie on the upper part of the plot, with connections to the already existing motorways. As a part of the complex, the project stipulates walk paths that connect the complex with the Mogren beach including a bridge and an elevator. The physical structures are designed in respect to the terrain configuration, so all units will provide a spectacular sea view, projected as linear, multileveled hotel apartments (one and two sided) and villas. The common and public structures are designed as cascaded, with terraces oriented towards the sea. The underground structures are intended for power plant, garages, storage and technical rooms.
Owner of the property SPV Attica Land
Land lot size 29,700 m2
Function Apartment and hotel complex
Technical Project concept finished
Current property use Empty land lot
Footprint of potential improvement x m2
Allowed number of floors 11Ug+Gr+8
Building coefficient 2.3
Coverage of the land 60 %
Total aboveground built-up area 71,000 m2
Total underground built-up area 11,000 m2
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