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Kamenovo beach lies between the cities of Budva and Milocer, close to famous St. Stefan, a true touristic landmark of Montenegro. It stands close to the Tivat Airport and next to the coastal main road. This beach is well visited during the summer season and is positioned in the way that can be easily accessed from any part of the Adriatic coast.


Hotel and luxury apartments with recreational and leisure facilities is the main concept for this location. It will truly enhance the experience at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Montenegrin coast. With various contents for water and beach sports, recreational and leisure activities, this complex will pose as one of the main attraction on this part of the Adriatic Sea.
Owner of the property Atlas Group
Land lot size 32,000 m2
Function Apartments and hotel complex
Technical Project concept finished
Current property use Empty land lot
Footprint of potential improvement 28,000 m2
Allowed number of floors 2Ug+Gr+12
Building coefficient 2.8
Coverage of the land 60 %
Total aboveground built-up area 89,240 m2
Total underground built-up area 3,000 m2
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