Word of President

Duško Knežević

Business system Atlas Group since its establishment grew into one of the most significant companies in area of banking, insurance, production, commerce, culture and sport in Serbia and Montenegro and presents a role model of quality and successful business. Last years of growth, development, brave ideas and realized dreams have proven that vision, courage, sport spirit and self-sacrifice lead to success and ensured future potential.

Excellence in business, as a base for competency, is a result of Atlas Group founder business philosophy. “Always with the best” is a business credo lead unreservedly by all members of the Holding. Atlas Group is among first companies in these areas who realized the necessity of joining together and merging in business appearance, with a goal of achieving advantage comparing to competition. Therefore Holding remains open for rightfully equal cooperation with potential strategic partners. Other than strategic activity, which determines every holding member business policy, secret of Atlas Group successful contribution lies in detail recognition of how market functions not only in Serbia and Montenegro but in the entire region of South East Europe. Insight in functioning of each market segment is the fact which makes the advantage comparing to local and foreign competition.

One of the advantages is investment in Holding potential – Atlas Group actively and significantly invests in technology modernization and production programs of Holding members, with goal to enhance their competency and confirm their profitability status as market members in Serbia and Montenegro.

Dusko Knezevic

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